Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee provides learning experiences on issues related to leadership in the arts within the academy (e.g., strategic planning, working with advisory boards). Our goal is to assist members to develop or enhance their leadership capabilities, identify critical issues facing arts administrators, and provide assistance with the challenges facing university arts faculty and staff. We hope to stimulate those already serving in leadership roles as well as nurture those just starting their leadership journey.

Areas of relevance that the Committee will be focusing on include but are not limited to:

  • Developing pre-Conference seminars for Mentoring Initiatives for New Deans (MIND)
  • Developing pre-Conference seminars for ICFAD Fellows

Any member who is in their first three years as a new dean is invited to register for the MIND program. Sessions will be specifically targeted to address issues faced by new deans. Experts in the field and senior deans form the ICFAD leadership will facilitate this special daylong program.

Goals of the MIND Program:

  • Provide a toolbox for those who have transitioned into administrative leadership roles as a dean of higher education visual and performing art schools and colleges
  • Prepare new deans to take full advantage of the ICFAD conference as a support structure for their administrative leadership
  • Demonstrate a concrete benefit for ICFAD members to support on-going connections with their home institutions
  • Build on the ICFAD tradition of Deans Helping Deans

Fellows are directors and department chairs who have been nominated by your colleagues in ICFAD because the nominees have been recognized for their leadership and potential. The Fellows Program is a professional development program to promote a healthy and continuous pipeline of talented arts administrators who are prepared to move into leadership positions in our institutions. Fellows will be encouraged to remain in contact with their mentors as they consider what next steps might be for them in arts administration in higher education.

Goals of the Fellows Program

  • Inspire enthusiasm for leadership opportunities in the arts in higher education
  • Encourage under-represented groups to pursue options in leadership positions
  • Provide a venue for those who are considering transitioning or have transitioned into administrative roles in arts higher education to learn elements of academic leadership
  • Prepare Fellows to take full advantage of the ICFAD conference, adding tools to their leadership toolbox

Stuart M. Benkert, Interim Head of The Department of Performing Arts
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
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Laura L. Franklin, DMA

Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
Saint Louis University
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Jeffrey W. Jarvis, Dean
College of the Arts
Dixie State University
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Larry Kaptain, Dean
College of Arts & Media
University of Colorado Denver
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Valerie Morris, Dean

School of the Arts
College of Charleston
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Susan Picinich, Dean
College of Fine Arts and Communication
Towson University
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Michael Tick, Dean

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse University
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Notes from the Career Development Committee meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan in October 2016 are available by clicking here.
Notes from the Career Development Committee meeting at the annual conference in Salt Lake City are available by clicking here.