Roundtable Discussions

Through the years, ICFAD’s Roundtable Sessions have served as a catalyst for great discussions, developing potential partnerships, and envisioning future endeavors. 

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Fall 2020 Roundtable Presentations

Here’s what conference attendees have said about the Roundtable Presentations
at ICFAD Conferences.

There were more interesting topics than was time for me to attend. If they were spread out over two days it might have been possible to do so.

I found these discussions to be some of the most beneficial programming of the conference. I'd recommend extending the time of these sessions and/or adding another section of roundtable discussions.

More time. These were the highlight of the conference for me. It would be lovely to have 
3-4 hours (30-45 minutes of conversations per) of round table.

The building project round table from the University of North Texas was phenomenal.
They were really interested in sharing firsthand experiences. I would love to go there
for a visit and a continuation of their roundtable conversation.

Really love this format and the variety of topics.