Royce W. Smith
Dean, College of Arts & Architecture
Montana State University

Along my path as a fine arts administrator, I have increasingly appreciated the ways in which ICFAD has supported that journey—providing forums for continued professional growth, mapping ways in which we can create even more inclusive and diverse programs within our academic communities, and supporting productive risk-taking so that our approaches to the arts remain fresh, relevant and robust.

I am pursuing membership on ICFAD’s board because I want to undertake the hard yards to make sure these support mechanisms grow and flourish—establishing opportunities for campus visitations and exchanges so we can learn from each other beyond the scope of our annual conference, enriching our organization’s commitment to the arts in a global context, and working to provide a better database of shared resources so we can learn from and appreciate the innovative successes of our colleagues. 

I am asking for your vote because I want to listen to your visions for our organization and work toward putting those goals into action. I ask for your vote because I want to be a part of brainstorming ways in which ICFAD can better support leadership goals and rely on its members’ collective experiences to mentor those new to arts administration. I ask for your vote because the passion and enthusiasm I have as a fine arts dean are qualities I will share beyond the orbit of my university and use to the betterment of this amazing organization.