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Corporations enjoying the benefits of Affiliate Membership welcome inquiries and look forward to sharing information about their products and services with ICFAD members and arts executives in higher education. We appreciate their involvement in and support of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans. 

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Sound is central to the arts. Spaces for the fine and performing arts must support and enhance aesthetic experience and social connection. The acoustical design of a theatre or concert hall builds a connection between performers and audience, and shapes the overall experience. Similarly, the acoustics in rehearsal and teaching spaces must allow performers to hear one another clearly and without excessive loudness. In museums and galleries, appropriate acoustics help to direct attention to the artwork and to foster the social connections that are so important to students, patrons, and creators of art. Acentech’s Studio A partners with higher education clients to develop and realize new or renovated performance and fine arts spaces. 

Benjamin Markham
(617) 499-8000


Auerbach Pollock Friedlander is a globally-recognized theatre design and audio-video consulting firm with an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects.  The firm’s portfolio encompasses the development and design of venues for every type of live and media-based performance including more than 120 projects for college and university clients.  Our services typically involve the planning and design of performance facilities that include auditoria, public spaces, theatre instructional labs and classrooms, scenic, prop and costume shops, loading areas, dressing and makeup facilities and other production-related and teaching areas.  Hundreds of successful projects, numerous awards and long-term client relationships attest to Auerbach Pollock Friedlander’s collaborative process which stresses true engagement with our clients. Our designs are built around an unparalleled methodology that rests on core principles, superior communication and peerless documentation. 

Steven Friedlander
(212) 764-5630

designLAB architects is a Boston-based studio devoted to creating places that reflect the mission and identity of educational, cultural and civic institutions. Their studio has planned and built numerous innovative learning environments for the visual and performing arts, each creating vibrant new entities engaged with their communities. designLAB sees each project as an opportunity to enrich and revitalize the community it serves.

John Branagan 
(617) 350-3005

DLR Group is a global integrated design firm with a practice specialty in design for cultural and performing arts. Spanning nearly five decades, our work in this sector encompasses more than 240 cultural facilities around the U.S. and internationally. These include theatres and performance venues of all types, museums, galleries, media-related projects, and instructional and studio spaces for the performing and visual arts. Our award-winning portfolio includes projects in new construction and renovation, as well as master planning for the arts. DLR Group offers in-house architectural, engineering and technology design capabilities with experts in acoustics, audiovisual, theatrical systems and lighting, and project funding mechanics. We are passionate about designing spaces that elevate teaching and learning in the arts and empower creative expression.

Paul Siemborski
(216) 522-1350

For more than five decades, HGA has specialized in planning, programming and designing cultural architecture for colleges and universities. From visual and performing arts centers to museums, theaters and studio arts, HGA works with clients to design arts and educational facilities that foster engagement and build community.

Amy Braford-Whittey
(612) 758-4333  


Our expertise realizes the full acoustic design potential of performing arts, educational and cultural spaces. Owners and architects rely on us to inspire memorable sensory experiences in performing arts, education and cultural spaces.

Mark Holden
(203) 838-4167

Pfeiffer is an award-winning design firm of 50 professionals – architects, planners and interior designers – who have been drawn together by our shared philosophy regarding the built environment. We provide architectural and interior design services, specializing in the fine and performing arts, for cultural and academic clients from our offices, located in Los Angeles and New York.

Sharon Murphy
(213) 624-2775


Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty and investment value. Because of a dedication to continuous improvement, today’s Steinway remains the choice of nine out of ten concert artists, and is the preferred piano of countless institutions of higher learning throughout the world. For more information, visit, or click on our logo.

Sally Coveleskie
(718) 204-3118


TCC is a team of industry veterans and creative thinkers that joined forces in 2003 to assist our clients through the complex process of theatre programming, planning and design, as well as the design and integration of specialized performance systems. Our goal as The Collaborative is to connect with users, architects and engineers to craft exciting and unique venues where performance comes to life.

Jillian Brown
(919) 929-7443