Member Information

ICFAD is for the Creative Leader in You. Here's a short video of member testimonials about the value of membership.

Institutional Membership ($500 per calendar year) is held by the chief executive arts administrator of the academic unit or a designee on behalf of the institution. This membership receives the full benefits of the organization and holds the voting privileges of the unit. Interested in joining us for the first time? Please use this link to do so.

Associate Membership ($200 per calendar year) is held by additional academic arts administrators (Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, Department Chairs and Directors, Advancement Officers, International Programs Officers, etc.) on behalf of the institution whose unit already holds an Institutional Membership. The Associate member receives the full benefits of the organization, including discounted conference registration, but would not have voting privileges. There is no limit to the number of Associate Members from any unit holding Institutional Membership.

Click here to renew your Institutional Membership. In doing so, you will also have the ability to renew Associate Members who have been Associate members previously. You will need the following information to log in. Please ask your administrative assistant to log in using YOUR information, instead of creating his or her own profile.

Click here if you are currently an Institutional member and would like to add a new Associate Member. 

Your username is your email address. Your password: set as your first initial and last name, unless you have changed it. Please click here if you need to reset your password.

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