Annual Conference

Join us for our 59th Annual Conference
International Council of Fine Arts Deans
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Thursday and Friday, September 28th - 29th, 2023
Pre-Conference workshops on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

 Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico | Universidad de Puertoriquenno | Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

Founded in 1521, San Juan is the second oldest European-founded city in the Americas but is home to much more than just history. Only 15 minutes from SJU airport, San Juan blends elements (cobblestone streets and colonial architecture) with all the amenities of modern urban life (craft cocktails, contemporary dining, amazing shopping, and vibrant nightlife). Plan to immerse yourself in the culture and explore the wealth of art, food, adventure, and beauty that is waiting to be discovered as part of ICFAD’s 59th Annual Conference. 

San Juan is one of the most important cultural centers of the Caribbean, both for its homegrown culture and the healthy influx of visiting artists that the local population supports. The city hosts the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, the world-renowned Pablo Casals classical-music festival in winter, and an annual series of opera concerts. Many hit plays in New York and other large markets get produced locally, and there are often three or four other local theatrical productions taking place on any given weekend, many of them downright adventurous. The vast collection at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico offers a wonderful overview of the evolution of island art, while the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico holds a peerless collection of modern Caribbean works. 

San Juan is the second most populous metropolitan area in the Caribbean, and while there are historical sites such as the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, the city is worth visiting just for its architecture. Cobbled streets take you past a succession of brightly colored houses, each more charming than the last. The city’s dynamic art forms animate the city.

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