Annual Conference

Join us for our 60th Annual Conference
International Council for Arts Deans with the Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans

Montreal, Canada | October 8-10, 2024
Concordia University | McGill University

 Pre-conference arts and cultural immersion program in Québec City—October 5-8, 2024 

Itinerary for the pre-conference cultural immersion experience in Quebec City. Online Registration.

Printable registration form for the pre-conference cultural immersion experience in Quebec City to mail with payment by check or email with payment information to [email protected]

Online Conference Registration. Hotel Reservation. Printable Conference Registration.

The conference agenda will be presented here soon. In the meantime, as you consider your travel plans, please note: 

  • Our Welcome Reception opens the conference, the evening of Tuesday, October 8
  • Visits to Concordia University, McGill University and additional cultural experiences will be scheduled with colleagues from Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans for Wednesday, October 9. That evening, we will have Conversation with Michelle Chawla, Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts and Maria Rosario Jackson, Chair, National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Optional small-group ‘Dine Arounds’ with colleagues in Old Montreal will be offered Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required and once an individual is registered, we will not be able to make changes 
  • Conference sessions and Roundtable Discussions to foster active participation are scheduled for Thursday, October 10.
  • Wednesday’s offerings may be repeated on Friday, for your convenience or for your ability to participate in an experience in which you did not have time to participate on Wednesday.

The team at Tourisme Montreal shares this video about the vibrant city.

Montréal is renowned for its arts and culture scene and in 2006 was designated as a UNESCO City of Design. With a thriving art scene, the City has emerged as one of the most exciting places on the continent for boundary-breaking art. In October 2024, you will be able to explore its impressive offerings in everything from artsy cafes, to galleries and museums, to walking among the city streets.

A hotbed of arts and culture, Montréal’s Quartier des Spectacles downtown entertainment district literally pulses with life, light and talent all year long. Night or day, the Quartier des Spectacles welcomes diverse visitors to its more than 80 cultural venues and eight public spaces offering a diverse array of activities, including no less than 40 festivals, movies, plays, dance performances, art exhibitions, technological art displays, music concerts, operas, comedy shows and more all year round. The Quartier des Spectacles has developed into a world-class cultural destination that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Montréal has an abundance of exciting and vibrant activities and events dedicated to promoting the diverse cultures and traditions of Canada, including work from Indigenous, First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities. Everything from arts and crafts to language and history, the City provides opportunities to learn the history of Indigenous arts and cultures in Quebec. Montréal is also home to diverse Francophone arts that highlight Québécois culture.

This year’s conference is a unique opportunity to join friends and colleagues from both the International and Canadian Associations of Fine Arts Deans for a rich autumn experience in Montréal.


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