Curtis Kasefang

Principal Consultant, Theatre Consultants Collaborative

Curtis Kasefang has designed, equipped, and operated performance spaces throughout North America for more than 25 years. In 2003, Curtis co-founded Theatre Consultants Collaborative (TCC) and is responsible for the design and integration of performance lighting, sound, video, and communication systems for many of TCC's projects. For five years, he supervised the lighting and sound departments at Theatre Projects Consultants. Prior to that, he was a technical director for the Performing Arts Center at SUNY-Purchase and production manager for Pepsico Summerfare, an international music festival. Curtis holds a BFA in theatre technology with a concentration in Lighting Design from SUNY-Purchase. Working as a theatre consultant and participating on the Raleigh Historic Development Commission's Design Review Advisory Committee, he is constantly thinking about how existing buildings can be sensitively repurposed.

"I am excited by adapting older buildings to performance facilities - especially historic structures. It is sustainable, it can be a fun challenge, you get unique sense of place for free, and the unique environment tends to inspire unique performances."