Sharon Babcock

Sharon Babcock, Associate Professor of Biology, and Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Programs at James Madison University, holds a B.S. from University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. from Duke University. At JMU, she teaches Honors Human Anatomy, and team teaches interprofessional education for future health professionals serving diverse communities. She has also taught organismal biology, comparative vertebrate anatomy, and advanced human anatomy at JMU; musculoskeletal systems at Kathmandu University Medical School; and anatomy and physiology at Body Therapy Insitute in North Carolina. Sharon Babcock and Kate Trammell have collaborated for over a decade on the creative pedagogy of anatomy. Together, they developed an Embodied Learning Project that weaves together the science of human anatomy with a dancer's perspective. Their students investigate complex structures, such as the vertebral column, heart, lungs, and diaphragm, via movement-based, multi-sensory approaches. They delight in the energy that is sparked when diverse learners from the arts and sciences "mix it up" in a learning environment filled with movement, play, humor, and creativity.