Vladimir Spicanovic

Vladimir Spicanovic, is an artist-educator and the Dean of the Faculty of Art at OCAD University (OCAD U). Spicanovic’s art practice examines the notions of perception and temporality at the intersections of painting, photography and digital cinema. Since his initial appointment at OCAD U in 2003, Spicanovic has served in multiple administrative roles: Assistant Dean (2004-07) and Associate Dean (2007-08) in the Faculty of Art, Director of Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art Media and Design (2007-09), and as Dean of the Faculty of Art since 2009. In 2014, Spicanovic was appointed as the OCAD U’s inaugural Senior Fellow at the Massey College, University of Toronto. He has been also serving as Academic Colleague of OCAD U at the Council of Ontario Universities (COU) and as the Chair of the Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans (CAFAD). Spicanovic’s academic leadership work has been informed by his commitment to equity and diversity as reflected in his service as Co-Chair of the Education and Employment Equity Committee at OCAD U, dean representative on the OCAD U’s President’s Task Force on Underrepresentation in Hiring, as well as in his membership at the Education and Community Engagement Committee of the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2015, Spicanovic has assumed the role of a lead advisor for curriculum and curatorial engagement for LandMarks/Reperes 2017 project initiated by Partners in Art (PIA). Spicanovic has been instrumental in initiating the educational collaboration among sixteen Canadian art universities and the development of a national art curriculum for LandMarks/Reperes 2017 -- one of the signature cultural projects for the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation in 2017 www.landmarks2017.ca