Cultivation & Stewardship Committee

Areas of relevance that the Committee will be focusing on include but are not limited to:

  • Providing beneficial pre-Conference seminars on Development issues, for Deans and their fundraising professionals, every third year or so. Development Workshops will alternate years with two pre-Conference programs planned by the Career Development Committee: Mentoring Initiatives for New Deans and the Fellows Program.
  • Providing opportunities for Deans to foster a stronger appreciation of the arts with donors and potential donors through participation in world-renowned international arts festivals and events
  • The changing dynamics in national and global politics and legislation as concerns current fiscal difficulties, particularly as this relates to higher education and the arts
  • The role of Fine Arts Deans in advocating relevant issues and positions to legislative bodies and other constituency groups internal and external to our units and our institutions
  • Linking with other professional associations and organizations to partner on advocacy initiatives
  • Developing presentations, workshops, forums and other opportunities for the ICFAD membership
  • The distribution of existing advocacy models and activities to the membership
  • The potential creation of ICFAD Position Papers as regards pertinent advocacy stances of the membership.
Members of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans have shared these examples of work product related to cultivation and stewardship.

The Cultivation and Stewardship Committee recommends the following links to sites that can provide you with access to current articles and publications pertaining to fundraising.

Supporting Advancement

Wealth Engine White Papers


George Brown, Dean
College of Fine and Performing Arts
Western Carolina University
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Anita DeAngelis, Associate Dean

College of Arts and Sciences
East Tennessee State University
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Scott Hayes, Dean
School of Visual & Performing Arts
Liberty University
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Steve Peters,
College of Fine Arts
University of Montevallo
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Jennifer Shank, 
College of Fine Arts 
Tennessee Technological University
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Board Liaison
Michael Tick, Dean
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse University
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Notes from the Cultivation and Stewardship Committee (previously called Advocacy Committee) meeting at the annual conferences:

  • Three-Year Plan 2017 – 2019
  • 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana are available by clicking here. This includes a Summary of the Committee's Fall 2013 Survey to ICFAD members.
  • 2011 Washington D.C. are available by clicking here.
  • 2009 Salt Lake City are available by clicking here.