James Frazier
Dean, College of Fine Arts
Florida State University

James Frazier’s affiliation with the International Council of Fine Arts Deans began in 2007, when he attended his first annual meeting as an ICFAD Fellow, while serving as a department chair. Over the years, he remained active with the organization, throughout his chairmanship and his subsequent tenure as an associate dean. In the past he assisted both Jeff Elwell and Gail Baker as co-chair of what was then the Diversity Taskforce. Dr. Frazier is grateful for the role that ICFAD has played in his professional life. Engagement with and through the organization connected him to one of his mentors - experienced administrator Peter Sargent - with whom he has maintained a warm and supportive professional relationship and friendship. He credits ICFAD with helping to open him up to the possibility of “deaning.”

While, like most everyone else, I came to the arts as a practitioner, much of my professional career is characterized by administrative service. Very shortly after becoming a department chair, I became an ICFAD Fellow. The organization, through its convenings and membership enabled me to see from a vantage point that was different from what one usually sees as a faculty member, particularly during the initial transition to administration. At ICFAD, in over a decade of affiliation, I became more aware of issues and trends in higher education across disciplines. And, importantly, I was introduced to colleagues who had dedicated their talents and energies to working broadly and in focused ways toward the advancement of the arts. My world was made bigger and the possibilities for me were expanded. ICFAD links to several of my “value zones” – service, mentoring, and the foundational belief that art is central/essential to human experience and development. As I type, it is the first day of my new post as dean, and I am excited to engage anew with the ICFAD and its impressive membership.