Global Connections Committee

The Global Connections Committee (GCC) of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD) is dedicated to the enhancement of a worldwide community of leaders who provide learning and training in the arts. The Committee cultivates and nurtures working relationships between international arts institutions that advance common goals with ICFAD.  In addition, for ICFAD members, the Committee engenders genuine understanding and appreciation of the arts in cultures from around the world.

Giles Auckland-Lewis
, Principal
Institute of the Arts Barcelona
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John Baldacchino
, Director
Division of the Arts
University of Wisconsin- Madison
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David C. Bell, Associate Dean
The Hartt School
University of Hartford
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Steven Breese
, Dean
College of Arts, Communications & Design
Long Island University, Post
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Shawn Brixey
, Dean
School of the Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University
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Garner Dewey
, Associate Dean

College of Fine and Applied Arts
Appalachian State University
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Daniel Doz
President + CEO
Alberta College of Art + Design

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Charles Falzon, Dean
Faculty of Communication & Design
Ryerson University
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Robert Greenberg
, Dean of Arts

University of Auckland
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Maria Hansen
, Executive Director
European League of Institutes of the Arts
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Joseph Hopkins,
School of the Arts
Samford University
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Buddy Himes
, Dean
College of Fine Arts
Stephen F. Austin State University
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David Humphrey, Director
Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University
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Sabrina Madison-Cannon
, Dean
School of Music and Dance
University of Oregon
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Stanley Romanstein
, Dean
College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati
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Marie Sierra
Deputy Dean of Art & Design
University of New South Wales (Sydney)
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Christopher T. Terry,
Associate Dean
Caine College of the Arts
Utah State University
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College of Arts & Design
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Board Liaison
Charles Wright
Dean of Academic Affairs
Kendall College of Art & Design
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Noel Zahler, Dean

Tarkington College of Visual & Performing Arts
Texas Tech University
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Notes from the Global Connections Committee meeting at the annual conference in Salt Lake City are available by clicking here.