Janet Hethorn
Dean, College of the Arts and Media
Central Michigan University

CMU has been an Institutional Member since 1997.  When I took on the position of Dean in 2015, I continued the membership and have attended ICFAD conferences regularly.  Last year I participated as a mentor in the fellows program.

The ICFAD community of arts deans is a robust place for idea exchange and presentation of issues that advance and fuel our thinking and mission. Having personally benefited from my involvement as a member, I would embrace the opportunity to now serve and work with the board to advance the organization.  I bring experience and deep interest in connecting the arts across disciplines and through external partnerships.  Now, more than ever, our diverse perspectives and creative actions are needed to address the complex issues we face in societal and cultural contexts and to highlight the relevance of the arts.  It would be a pleasure and an honor to serve as a member-at-large on the ICFAD Board.