Who We Are

Founded in 1964, the ICFAD membership is a diverse and inclusive organization comprised of deans, associate and assistant deans, directors and chairs, and other fine arts executives in higher education throughout North America and around the world. It is an organization whose members focus on issues and opportunities that impact leadership, administration, and the fine arts and design disciplines. ICFAD’s mission of members helping members throughout their careers is supported by providing annual conferences and international symposia where members can meet with colleagues to expand their networks and learn from one another. Click here to join or renew your membership now.

ICFAD’s Anti-Racism Action Statement and Pledge

For 57 years, the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD), a multinational alliance of deans, directors and chairs, and other fine arts executives, has provided leadership opportunities for members and advocacy for the arts in higher education. This has been ICFAD’s primary mission, with goals of mentoring new administrators and attracting additional international members.

The current ICFAD Board of Directors, in applying this mission, believe that fine arts and creative industries, through practice, exhibition, performance, and scholarship, have a responsibility to take action toward reducing racism in our country and the world. The ICFAD Board of Directors believe that the arts in our educational institutions should express diverse viewpoints and work toward building diversity among the students, faculty, staff, and leadership at our universities and in our schools and colleges. The Board has identified anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion as top priorities.

In recent years, the ICFAD organization has made progress in becoming more diverse and inclusive. Yet, membership from underrepresented groups remains small. We are actively exploring ways to address this issue and see it a critical one for the organization.

Fine arts executives are in a unique position to identify and implement positive change in education and our communities through the arts. Today, ICFAD’s President, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors pledge to take actions to initiate change for the organization. To start, ICFAD will address and revise its mission statement, which presently contains no language about anti-racism and inclusivity. Starting immediately, ICFAD will lead a national dialogue about inequities and systemic racism, with a focus on those that exist in the arts.

ICFAD pledges to celebrate the full range of diverse experiences and accomplishments that its members bring to the world of fine arts and creative industries; to continue addressing systemic racism through thoughtful programming and sharing of resources; and to grow a more inclusive organization that fully represents our society today, while building a more equitable and just tomorrow.